Discover the magnificent region of southern Corsica

World renown, this region of southern Corsica is a true jewel, with innumerous areas to explore and stimulate your feelings. From the smell of the local “maquis” to the feel of salt on your skin, and to the view of a memorable sunset, Corsica will fill your senses.

The Region
La plage de Santa Giulia en corse-du-Sud
Le cadre exceptionnel de la baie de Santa Giulia
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When the post card comes to life

Santa Giulia is known to be the most beautiful beach in the area. A two kilometer stretch of white sand meets the blue turquoise water in a protected bay, making this the most sought out destination for swimming and nautical sports. It is accessible by car, bus, or boat.

La belle plage de Santa Giulia en Corse-du-Sud
La magnifique plage de Santa Giulia en Corse-du-Sud


Majesty in all its glory

Picturesque city perched on the top of cliffs overlooking the sea towards Sardinia. Well known for the old town center and the colorful homes. The medieval fortifications, built to protect the city from invasions, rises up 70 meters from the sea. From the top you can see the coast, and the Lavezzi islands. In fact, you can take a boat trip from Bonifacio to visit the this archipelago and also the island of Sardinia.

La belle ville de Bonifacio en Corse-du-Sud
La ville de Bonifacio près de Porto-Vecchio
Les bouches de Bonifacio près de Porto-Vecchio


This is the
Corsican Ibiza !

Porto Vecchio is the 3rd largest city in Corsica in terms of population. A summer resort town appreciated by tourists from around the world. You can stroll around the city center with its narrow streets and typical homes and also visit the marina, where you will enjoy the animation. Bars, restaurants and boutiques are open late into the night. Porto Vecchio offers boat trips along the coast and the surrounding area.

La ville animée de Porto-Vecchio
Le joli port de Porto-Vecchio
Le port de Porto-Vecchio au coucher du soleil


Climb up to the past

Thirty minutes from Porto Vecchio sits the village of Ospedale, known for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and artificial lake. The town gets its name as a former hospital to help travelers and sheep herders on their way to the coast. It sits at an altitude of 900 meters in the heart of the Laricio pine and beech forest which spans over 1000 hectares. The lake built in the 1950’s to furnish the hydroelectric plant is surrounded by mountains, creating the breathtaking sensation of grandeur. Ospedale also offers many hiking trails which lead to the mountain tops, other villages, and many astounding points of interests.

Le plateau de l'Ospedale en Corse-du-Sud
L'Ospedale près de Porto-Vecchio


All of Corsica
...on a plateau!

The plateau of Cuscionu is truly a special place with its diverse fauna in natural beauty. It is a must for those who are seeking  the mountain environment, so emblematic of Corsica. The “pozzines” (underwater natural streams formed by melted snow) typical of this area are prevalent all over Cuscionu. At an altitude of 1500 meters, you can discover an endemic flora and fauna, some species of which are rare and considered endangered.

LE PLATEAU DU CUSCIONU près de Porto-Vecchio


They “prick” only your curiosity

Nature at its fullest power, sculpted by years of wind, water and time, the Bavella Needles, also known as Furchi d’Asinau, are a group of rock formations majestically elevated, dominating the Corsican landscape.  In the heart of the Alta Rocca area, Bavella is the hiker’s ultimate destination – a must, at least once in your lifetime. Once again you will be astounded by the panorama of mountains, valleys, and forests. The Bavella Needles also are home to several varieties of wild animals; wild sheep (mouflon), boars, and birds of prey.

Les aiguilles de Bavella près de Porto-Vecchio
Les belles aiguilles de Bavella en Corse-du-Sud
le cadre des aiguilles de Bavella en Corse-du-Sud
Les magnifiques aiguilles de Bavella près de Porto-Vecchio