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The Porto-Vecchio region is characterized by its proximity to the mountain region of Alta Rocca delimited by mountain massif of Bavella, of the Ospedale and of the Plateau du Cuscionu.


Ospédale Village

A half an hour from Porto-Vecchio, Ospedale (U Spidali) is the first mountain village 900 meters in height. At the end of the village you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the Gulf and a little higher, nestled in the heart of a pine forest, you will discover the artificial lake of Ospedale.

A 4 km above the dam, the waterfall Piscia di Ghjaddu represents one of the unmissable walks in the area: Laricciu Pins, waterfall, rock "sentinel", rock shelters ...
Following this interpretive trail (1:30) you will find a wonderful waterfall called "A Piscia di Ghjaddu" which springs from a wall mineral to perform a fall of 70 m.

Another famous road takes you to the Punta di Vacca Morta is who climbs to plateau at 1300 meters altitude and offers a panoramic view of the entire Gulf of Porto-Vecchio.
It takes 2:30 roundtrip do this hike.
Hiking in 5 steps that connects Porto-Vecchio to Propriano.


Les aiguilles de Bavella


Only 1 hour and 45 minutes from Bonifacio, take a breath of pure air at the foot of the mountainous massif in Southern Corsica! Pass through Porto-Vecchio and then the Ospedale forest taking photos of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, and then you will arrive at the magnificent Bavella Needles.

The Bavella needles dominate the pass of the same name, connecting the Alta Rocca. The massif is characterized by laminated peaks and large rocky walls.
Several dozens of courses from a short walk to a great hike with fabulous landscapes await you!

Ideally situated in the Regional Nature Park of Corsica, the Bavella Needles with their impressive shapes and colours, ranging from red to grey and covered with immense forests. Several hikes start from the Bavella mountain pass at 1 243m altitude. Allow 3 hours round trip for the famous Trou de la Bombe, a very accessible hike.

Le plateau du Cuscionu

Cuscionu plateau

Between pozzines, torrents, moors and pasture you will discover during this very beautiful hike in a labyrinth of fantastic landscapes that roam herds of horses in freedom.

Less than an hour from the seaside, the Coscione plateau show you an another face of Corsica while contemplating the shores of the south of the island.

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